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FIC: When White Weddings Don't Happen (8/?)

TITLE: When White Weddings Don't Happen

RATING: R for language and dark themes

SUMMARY: Callie left Arizona at the altar and disappeared from Seattle with Sofia without a trace. How will the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West react when four year old Sofia needs them to save her life?

PAIRINGS: past- Callie/Arizona, Teddy/Henry, Cristina/Owen, Addison/Sam; present- Arizona/Addison, Teddy/Mark, April/Lexie

DISCLAIMER: I still don't own anything related to Grey's Anatomy other than 7seasons on DVD.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I don't know why LJ erased half of my AN yesterday. Anyway, what it said was that I was assigning Arizona an early October birthday, which would put Henry born in June of 2014. I think there's only going to be one more chapter after this, possibly two. In any case, we're close to the end, folks. ENJOY!


Arizona looked away from her son to see the elevator closing. "Why..."

"Callie." Addison answered shortly.

"Oh. Did she..."

"See us acting all happy and perfect lesbian family like? Yes, she did."

The elevator doors opened to an empty cubicle and they stepped on. Arizona pressed the button for the main floor. She leaned her shoulder against the rear wall of the elevator and looked at her girlfriend's profile, noticing a tension around her eyes that hadn't been there this morning. "What do you say we drop the little big man off with his godparents across the hall for a couple hours and have some Mommy and Mama time?"

Addison smiled with relief. "That sounds wonderful. I think we both need it after today."

Arizona squeezed her hand as the elevator dinged and the doors opened to the main lobby. She let go as they exited to rummage through her purse. "I'll text Mark to give him a heads-up."

"While you're at it, call in an order to that Italian place."

An hour later, the couple was just sitting down to dinner when a knock came from the door to the 502 portion of their large apartment. Addison and Arizona looked at each other with resignation. Mark and Teddy were the only ones who ever used that door and since they had Henry, they would have entered it without knocking. "Ten to one that's Callie." Arizona said trying to inject some levity to the situation.

"You and your sucker bets." Addison chuckled, rising to answer the persistent knocking. When she opened the door to Callie Torres, all she could say was "Of course it's you." She left the door open in silent invitation, returning to the breakfast counter where Arizona sat.

Callie closed it behind her. "Hi." she said awkwardly. "Can...uh...can we talk?"

Addison crossed her arms over her chest while Arizona continued eating. "I'm not going anywhere." "Anything you have to say you can say in front of Addie." they spoke simultaneously.

Callie grabbed a chair from the nearby dining table and pulled it closer to where they sat.They sat in an awkward silence. "I don't know where to begin."

Arizona hopped off of her barstool and began clearing their take-out cartons. "Then you can go. You're good at that."

"You're one to talk." she snapped.

Arizona smacked her hand off the counter in frustration and whirled to face her ex-lover. "You don't get to play Africa anymore. I CAME BACK! I was gone THREE MONTHS and I. CAME. BACK!"

"You shouldn't have left in the first place!"

"I had a responsibility to uphold. One I'd made before I knew you. I had to go."

"What about your responsibility to me, to us?"

"You made the assumption that for there to be an us, you had to go with me and then you bitched about it nonstop." Arizona gripped the counter in front of her. Her blue eyes blazed brightly. "I left you and never once stopped thinking about you or asking about you. So I came back." she said in a softer voice. "You said you forgave me and we'd work through the pain, the heartache. That we'd be a family. You ask me about my responsibility to us? Who left who standing at an altar in front of family and friends? Who had their entire world ripped away when she came home to find her daughter gone?"

"She's not your daughter." Callie said through clenched teeth.

"Not her daughter?" Addison's voice rose.

"Don't, Adds." Arizona said quietly.

"Butt out, Montgomery." Callie shouted.

"You BEGGED me, Calliope. You sat in here and begged me to be all in with you and Mark. That you couldn't do it without me involved. What changed?"

"I went through a fucking windshield, Arizona. Sofia and I nearly DIED!"

"YOU TOOK OFF YOUR SEATBELT! God, Callie! Why can't you get that through your thick skull? We BOTH played roles in that accident. I had my seatbelt on and got out with only a head lac. I told you repeatedly to put it back on but nooooooooo. You just HAD to text Mark back right that second because poor Mark is lonely and misses Lexie and oh no, he just found out Lexie's with Jackson." Arizona mimicked Callie's voice while mentioning Mark Sloan. "You can refute my standing as Sofia's daughter forever. That's fine. I've grieved for her as though she had died. But you CANNOT deny Mark his daughter."

"I'm not subjecting my daughter to the never-ending line of skanky women Mark brings home."

Addison and Arizona looked at each other, smiles crossing their faces. "She doesn't know." Addison laughed heartily.

Arizona reached across the counter to give Addison's hand a reassuring squeeze. "Nope. Not a clue."

"What? What don't I know?"

Addison turned in her chair to face the woman. "Mark and Teddy got married 14months ago."


"Who in the world picks a nine month pregnant woman to be in their bridal party?" Addison grumbled as she struggled to get into her robin's egg blue bridesmaid's dress.

Arizona finished putting in her earrings and crossed the room. She gathered the dress in her hands. "Arms up." Once Addison followed instruction, she slid the gown down her girlfriend's body, then placed soft kisses to her bare back as she slowly zipped the dress. "Technically, aren't you a groomswoman? You know, since you're standing up with Mark?" She pressed soft kisses over the back of Addison's neck and wrapped her arms around the bulging belly.

"Stop being so logical, Miss Maid of Honor who gets to wear midnight blue. I look horrid in pastels!"

"You look beautiful."

"I look like an novelty Easter egg swallowed Shamu."

Arizona smiled against her neck. "Yeah but you're MY novelty sized, Shamu eating Easter egg."

"PLEASE, Arizona. Get him out of me!" Addison whined. "It's two weeks past the due date."

"I know, hun. We're all impatient for him to get here."

"Where are my shoes?" Tear's sprang rapidly from her eyes. "Damnit, I can't even SEE my feet. I'm going to be a barefoot and pregnant bridesmaid." she wailed.

Arizona rolled her eyes. It was going to be a long day.

Arizona stood in the church foyer arranging Teddy's dress as the flower girl started down the aisle. "You ready for this?"

"Ready as I'll ever be. What about you? Ready for mommydom?" Teddy asked.

Arizona grinned back and repeated with a wink. "Ready as I'll ever be."

Addison stood at the front of the church next to Mark, acting as his best man. He spoke out of the corner of his mouth as Arizona walked down the aisle. "When are you and Robbins going to make honest women out of each other?"

Addison only had eyes for her lover. "Hadn't really thought about it. Besides, it's not legal. And weddings are rough for her. Getting jilted kinda makes one gunshy."

"Have you asked?" Addison let out a sharp gasp in reply as Arizona took her place on the other side. "See? She takes your breath away." He whispered.

She grabbed his left shoulder tightly as the processional started to play, prompting the guests to rise. She pulled him down to whisper harshly in his ear. "Have Jackson call 911."

"What's wrong? Is it time?"

"My water just broke. As soon as this wedding is over, I'm having a baby, so make it fast, Sloan."

Mark moved past her to whisper in his groomsman's ear. Jackson Avery nodded and sprinted down the closest side aisle to the rear of the church. Mark moved to the bottom of the altar steps to meet Teddy.

She looked at him in confusion. "What's going on?"

"Addison's going into labor, but won't leave until she sees us married. Jackson is calling an ambulance. It should be here by the time we walk out of the church." He pressed a scruffy kiss to her cheek. "Let's get married."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest proclaimed.

The audience clapped, but murmurs swept the guests when the couple shared a brief, chaste peck on the lips and practically ran down the aisle.

Addison and Arizona met at the top of the stairs. "What's going on?" Arizona asked, the confusion evident in her voice, even though she wore a wide smile.

"My water broke while you were walking down the aisle." Addison said through gritted teeth. Arizona stopped abruptly. "Keep walking, you nitwit. There's paramedics waiting for us outside."

"We're having a baby." Arizona whispered in wonder.

"You're having a baby. I'm having a watermelon crush my pelvis as it goes through a pinhole."


"Mark and Teddy?" Callie asked, confused. "When did that happen? I thought he was in love with Little Grey."

Addison looked at Arizona for confirmation. "Valentine's three years ago?"

The blonde nodded. "At the Valentine's Day Sucks party in which no one went home alone."

"Is that two..."

"You don't have the right to ask questions about Addison and me, Callie. You gave up all rights of post-breakup friendships with the way you dropped off the face of the earth." Arizona said, a hard edge in her tone.

"Well the last time I checked, Addison was sleeping with men, so yeah, I think I have the right to question your relationship."

Arizona shook her head. "Nope. Our story is not your business. Moving on from our relationship was extremely difficult and I couldn't have done it without the support of every one of my friends." she moved around the counter to stand next to Addison. "You see, Callie, every one of us had to move past the gaping hole you left in our lives. It was hard but we managed and we'll do it again once you leave."

Addison stood. "I think you both got what you came here for, Callie. I think it's time for you to leave."

Callie stood, nodding. She hefted her purse over her shoulder. She stopped by the door. "When I saw you two earlier..."

Addison stepped between Arizona and Callie. "I will gladly break your nose for the second time today if you finish that thought, Torres."

Callie held up both her hands in a non-threatening gesture. "I just wanted to say you guys made a very handsome son."

Arizona wrapped her arms around Addison's waist from behind, resting her chin on her shoulder as the blue door swung closed. "I do make pretty babies, don't I?"

Addison turned in her arms, looping hers around the blonde's neck. "Yes, you do."

"It's a little too soon to be discussing another one though."

"Yeah, just a little bit."

Arizona planted soft kisses over Addison's neck. "No harm in practicing."

**********end chapter 8********* 


Tags: art: fanfiction, fanfic: arizona/other character
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